Individual Counselling

It’s about you

Everyone’s experience in therapy is unique. But the main thing to know, is that speaking with a counsellor is different from talking to a friend or family member, however close or trusted they may be. In addition to being free from the sorts of biases that show up in family and friends, a trained therapist is professionally qualified to offer different perspectives and the right tools to overcome the specific issues you’re facing. Often our role is in reframing things so that what our clients already know to be the answer can become clear to them.

By working with the right counsellor, we hope you feel a sense of increased comfort and confidence with the counselling process itself. Some people like to come in and talk freely without much interruption from their therapist. Others may feel intimidated by this format and prefer more structure or direction. What your session looks like is up to you.

As your ability to embrace the process grows, you become better able to explore your feelings, leading to the kind of clarity required to properly identify, address, and even solve problems as they arrive.

Many clients identify an increase in self awareness, self esteem, and positive coping strategies after engaging in the counselling process.

$169 + GST
Includes a 50 minute appointment, assessment and goal setting.

Jennifer Hollinshead

Jennifer Hollinshead

BSc, MA Registered Clinical Counsellor #5106, Canadian Certified Counsellor – Supervisor #5088

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